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Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre is named after Brambuk the white cockatoo. The centre is situated in Gariwerd, the local name of the Grampians National Park. Brambuk offers the visitor a cultural experience unique to the Kirrae Whurong, Goolum Goolum, Gunditjmara and Kerap Jmara people of the Western district and Wimmera region.

Brambuk plays an important role in educating the community through it's cultural displays, workshops, activities and training. In this way, Brambuk contributes to the process of reconciliation and a greater understanding for all Australians.

Kooris regard the location of the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre as a special place. They believe that the outline of Bunjil, lying on his back, can be seen in the rock formations of the range to the east of the cultural centre. The undulating roof line makes reference to both Gariwerd's peaks and the shape of the Djab wurrung's and Jardwadjali's totemic symbol, the cockatoo.


Gariwerd Dreaming Centre
Experience a multimedia presentation of Koorie creation stories of the Gariwerd region.

Cultural Talks
Learn about the Koorie people of the area

Koorie staff demonstrate didgeridoo playing

Rock Art Excursions
Most of Victoria's rock art sites are found in Gariwerd

Bush Tucker
Walk along a nature trail and learn about traditional bush tucker plants where visitors are invited to have a taste.

Evening Activities
Listen to Koorie cultural stories, the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo and other musical instruments. Relax to or join in the Koorie dancing.

Educational Kits
School kits are available for students and teachers at both primary and secondary levels.

Holiday Programs
Brambuk offers educational and holiday programs including boomerang demonstrations, didgeridoo playing and Koorie dancing.

What does 'Brambuk' mean?

There are two meanings:

1. Bram is an abbreviation of the legendary heroes, the Bram-bram-bult brothers, known throughout the area; Buk means 'belonging to'.

2. Brambuk is the Koorie word for white cockatoo, the totem of this area.

Who are the owners of Brambuk?

Five Koorie communities from South West Victoria region. They are:

The Framligham Aboriginal Trust -
Kirrae Whurong Community

Horsham Aboriginal Cooperative -
Goolum Goolum Community

Warrnambool Aboriginal Cooperative -
Gunditjmara Community

Aboriginal Elders Cooperative - Lake Condah

Portland, Heywood and Hamilton -
form the Kerrup Jmara Communities

How does the building represent the Communities?

As you make your way around the building, look for the letters which correspond with the description below.

Br - Bricks

The mud clay bricks on your right as you enter the building is a reminder of the Ebenezer Mission at Antwerp and represents the Goolum Goolum Community.

S - Stonework

The stonework on the chimney and the watertraps outside the building represent the stonehouses and fishtraps of Lake Condah.

W - Whale

The theatre room ceiling represents the Southern Right Whale (the totem of the Gunditjmara people), with the central beam as the backbone and the rafters as the rib cage.

P - Poles

Framligham is a forest area situated on the Hopkins River. It is represented by the bark poles that hold up the building.

R - Ramp

The walkway to the cafe is the eel dreaming and represents the Aboriginal Elders Cooperative.

T - Totem

The building is shaped in the form of the Cockatoo, at the front the beak. the back the tail and the sides the wing span.

C - Circles

The building is made up of five circles to represent the five communities.

S - Shelters

The fireplaces represent the occupation and art shelters found in this area.

Bu - Bunjil's Seat

The wooden seat represents Bunjil, with his arms out caring for you, as you sit looking into the fire. Bunjil is the creator spirit of the Aboriginal people of Victoria.

G - Garden

Our garden represents the plants found in the five communities. There are 6000 plants, many form part of the food chain.

Courtesy of:
The Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre

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Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Tracey Roach at Brambuk's reception.

Fireplace and poles at ground level.

Along the winding staircase to the cafe.