The Wimmera region of Victoria is a bird watchers delight with it's numerous National and State Parks and magnificent wetlands.

The National and State Parks

Wyperfeld National Park in the state's north-west has recorded over 200 species of bird, including Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Mallee Ringneck Parrots, Red-rumped parrots, galahs, eagles and smaller birds such as variegated Fairy-wrens and Red-capped robins. Of particular interest is the Mallee Fowl. This rare bird incubates its eggs in a large mound of earth and leaf litter. The park is also a wonderful place to view emus grazing in the dry creekbeds at dawn and dusk.

Another fascinating National Park of particular interest to birdwatchers is the Little Desert National Park. More than 220 species have been recorded. Parrots, robins, wrens and currawongs are common. The Mallefowl (Lowan) can also be seen in the Little Desert National Park

Ninety-three species of bird have been recorded in the Big Desert Wilderness, a 113,500 hectare wilderness area, among which are the extremely rare Western Whipbird and Bustard.

The Grampians National Park is an important habitat for an abundance of birdlife. The low open shrubby woodlands support a variety of nectar-feeding birds, while the tall open forests are important for hollow-dependent species such as the Powerful Owl. Large populations of emus are found throughout the lowland areas.

The Wetlands

The West Wimmera Shire is one of the best kept secrets. The region is dotted with lakes and majestic redgums and teeming with birdlife. Look out for the endangered Redtailed Black Cockatoo, Brolgas, Emus in the wild and the graceful Black Swan.

Edenhope and the surrounding district, in the northern region of the Wimmera is studded with wetlands and lakes where a variety of waterbirds can be seen including the great crested grebe.

West of Horsham, stretches a ribbon of thirty or so lakes from Natimuk to Douglas. All are shallow and hypersaline and in spring and winter, in a typical year, the lakes fill from rainfall runoff. During these months the lakes support large numbers of Branded Stilts and Red-necked Avocets.

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Redtailed Black Cockatoo
Birdlife abounds in the Wimmera.
Lookout for the endangered
Redtailed Black Cockatoo.